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NSS® Stallion 8SC Self-Contained Carpet Extractor -8 Gal.

Maneuverability, speed, and deep-down cleaning make the Stallion 8SC the smart choice over tub type extractors. 34" H x 35" L x 16" W. 900 RPM, Poly "V" Belt. 100 psi bypass diaphragm type solution pump.

Manufacturers Item #4808012
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Sandia Spot-Xtract Spot Extractor w/Hoses & 4" Tool - 3 Gal.

Offers fast, efficient cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery. Durable 55 psi pump delivers extracting solution into the carpet. Vacuum motor: 2-stage Ametek, 804 watt/100CFM. Voltage: 115 volts/76" lift; Solution Pump: 55 psi. Power cord: 20', 16/3 gauge safety.

Manufacturers Item #50-1000
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