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Warewashing Manual Chemicals


Pro Line® Dawn® Manual Pot & Pan Detergent - Gal.

A highly concentrated liquid detergent specially formulated to help remove greasy food soils from pots, pans, and utensils.

Manufacturers Item #57446
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P&G Dawn® Manual Pot & Pan Detergent - Gal.

A dependable dishwashing liquid that fights grease, leaving you squeaky clean pots, pans and dishes.

Manufacturers Item #57445
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P&G Dawn® Power Dissolver - 12.8 oz.

Ideal for use on baked and burnt on grease. Just pretreat your toughest pots and pans and wipe the grease away. For pots, pans, stoves, ovens and grills.

Manufacturers Item #00632
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Betco® Symplicity™ In-Sync Hand Dishwashing Detergent

Premium dishwashing detergent leaves dishes sparkling clean and film free. It is ideal for cleaning heavily encrusted pots and pans. It has the power to cut through the toughest grease. Specifically designed for supermarket, institutional and restaurant use where fast grease emulsification and lasting suds are a must. Mountains of hard working suds penetrate grease and food deposits leaving pots, pans, glassware, and china spot free. Rinses freely. Provides stable suds yet never streaks. Fresh ozonic fragrance. Mild and gentle to hands at dilution. Powerful and concentrated, only uses 1/4 oz. per gallon.

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Stearns® Water Flakes® Pot & Pan Detergent - 0.5 oz.

Concentrated manual dishwashing powder with long-lasting suds. Dissolves quickly and completely. EPA/Design for the Environment Recognized. One pack makes 5 gallons.

Manufacturers Item #817
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