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Drain & Sewer Maintenance


MicrobeMAX™ Continuous Cleaning System

Contains strains of bacteria that eat fats, oils and grease. Metered dispenser delivers 96 treatments per day. 10 oz refill lasts 30 days and replaces old 5 gallon systems. An effective solution that is safe for all pipes, grease traps and sewers. Reduce shipping and handling hazards and costs. Improve efficiencies while improving drain flow and maintaining clean lines.

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TimeMist® MicrobeMAX™ Volumemtric Drain Foam - 20 oz.

Reclaim your peace of mind. From your drain line to your bottom line. Eliminates build up of fats, oils & grease. Low operational costs; no water or sewer costs. Prevents future clogging of drains and pipes. Once can delivers up to 7 gallons of finished product.

Manufacturers Item #34-4200CB
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