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Lids For Carryout / Containers


Dart® Translucent Vented Food Container Lid

Use with: 32AJ20, 8SJ20, 12SJ20, 16MJ20, 5B20, 6B20, 8B20, 10B20.

Manufacturers Item #20JL
Add to Cart $42.54/CS

Cambro Camwear® Lids

Snap on covers that fit tightly, yet can be easily removed. Made of crystal clear, virtually unbreakable Camwear® polycarbonate. Withstands temperatures from -40°F to 210°F (-40°C - 99°C). Stain resistant to food acids and oils.

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Cambro Camwear® Polycarbonate Food Pan Lids

Flat cover is available for all pan sizes. Cover with handle has deep molded handle which provides secure grip. Notched cover with handle for easy access to ladles or spoons. The seal cover is an economical option for light storage. The seal cover is available in all pan sizes except half size long pans.

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Cambro Camwear® Rounds Translucent Seal Lids

An economical choice that seals and locks in freshness from the inside. Made of translucent, light blue material that is both durable and resistant to stains. Withstands temperatures from --40° F to 160° F.

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Dart® ClearPac® Flat Lid For 48oz/64oz/Cmpt, Clear

For Use With: C48DER, C64DER, C30DE2R, C30DE3R, C30DX3R, B30DE2, B30DE3, B30DX3.

Manufacturers Item #C64DL
Add to Cart $98.10/CS

Dart® ClearPac® Flat Lid for 8oz./12oz./16oz, Clear

For Use With: C8DER, C12DER, C16DER, B8DE, B12DE, B16DE.

Manufacturers Item #C12DL
Add to Cart $88.81/CS

Solo® Spiral Wound Non-Vented White Paper Lids

For double sided poly paper food containers.

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